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March 2023

RPM to Real PM – Our Rebrand

On the 14th of March 2023, Real PM went live with a total rebrand. The purpose was to re-energise our brand, taking us into the future and emphasising our bond to Turner.

The rebrand centred around several core components, a new colour scheme, font and a new logo, all of which fed into a new website, a new suite of documents and even an office redecoration!

Michael Doring, VP and Chief Operations Officer of Turner International, said it best: “Since January 2019 Real PM has been integral to Turner’s overseas operations. We have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy and his team and we have become mutually stronger by both appreciating how the UK construction industry operates and benefiting the Real PM business by sharing protocols and talent from our worldwide operations. This rebrand emphasises the importance of the UK to the Turner International business and acts as a springboard for our future growth and combined service offer plans.”

Visual Synergy

In March 2023, Real PM introduced to the world our new logo. We dropped the ‘R.P.M.’ abbreviation and now only refer to ourselves as Real PM. The outcome is a professional and smooth-flowing company name that befits our culture. The work that we perform as a Planning and Project Management consultancy is well thought out and considered; we do not take shortcuts in our work, therefore, we will no longer do the this to our name.

Image depicting our old yellow and black RPM logo with our new blue and white Real PM sitting above it.

One of the core goals of the rebrand was a visual synergy between Real PM, Turner Construction and Turner International. To achieve this, we transitioned from the old design of yellows and black to Turner’s bold blues and white negative space. The rebrand of our colour scheme and even our font has enabled Real PM’s outward image to mirror the modern and innovative work that our team perform daily.

The Result

As a niche consultancy firm working with some of the biggest clients in the industry on some of the most complex projects in the UK, our role is artistry, akin to the maestro of projects. We see them through their entire lifecycle, from inception to completion, constantly guiding, or shall we say conducting, the process through our passion and expert knowledge. We believe that our branding and appearance now match the tenacity and beauty of our work.